Hydronic Underfloor Slab Heating

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A clean, safe, and zero-allergen central heating system, Hunt Hydronic Heating and Cooling systems operate at low water temperatures, reducing operating costs to a minimum.

Underfloor hydronic slab heating transforms into a slow-release radiant floor heat bank providing uniform temperature throughout your home. Underfloor hydronic radiant heat systems are closely aligned with the 'optimum heat curve' as defined by the heating industry, making it the most economical and efficient means of heating. 

Experience continuous comfort at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Using the thermal mass of the concrete slab, the heat transfer delivers optimum thermal comfort at much lower temperatures, reducing over-heat losses. Incorporating hydronics, underfloor heating with a high-efficiency condensing boiler reduces running costs with up to 20% savings on gas bills. 

Suspended Floor

This method of underfloor heating is facilitated by securing a long, thin sheet of Aluminium called ‘Heat Emission Plate’, between floor joists, with floor boards laid directly on top. Heat Emission Plate has a groove running along its centre line, designed to locate and secure our specialist PEX-a underfloor heating pipe in place, sandwiching the pipe between Heat Emission Plate and floor boards. A slimmer version of Heat Emission Plate can also be secured directly to the underside of floor boards under an existing floor between joists.

Heat Emission Plate is designed to conduct heat energy from the underfloor heating pipe that’s located within, creating a larger heat transfer surface area.


Minitec System

The Minitec System installations are designed for renovations or retrofitting of underfloor heating on an existing building. A thin, rigid plastic sheet is placed on top of existing flooring and the pipework is then laid within. Raised knuckles allow for easy placement of pipework making the installation quick and easy. After pipework is laid, a self levelling compound is poured on top, to a height just over the knuckles.

The perforation in the knuckles ensure perfect adhesion of levelling compound to the base level below. Due to the minimal height of the panel, the shallow depth method means the floor level is only raised around 15mm (plus flooring).


In Slab

In slab floor heating turns your whole floor into a radiant heater, producing that amazingly comfortable warm home that hydronic floor heating is known for.

In slab floor heating is the standard method for hydronic underfloor heating.
Pipes are secured to metal reinforcement 200mm apart, in either a spiral or serpentine layout at lengths no more than 100m. Concrete is then poured, encompassing the underfloor pipe, creating a structural slab to build on.

When connected, heated water will flow through the underfloor pipework, transferring heat into the concrete, in turn radiating heat to within the property.


In Screed

In screed floor hydronic heating is the most efficient and responsive method of under floor hydronic heating, it can be installed in both new and existing homes. Like structural floor heating, in screed heating turns your whole floor into a radiant heater, producing that amazingly comfortable warm home that hydronic floor heating is known for, but does it in a far more responsive and efficient way.

Under floor heating pipe is located and secured into Pipe Positioning Board, at a distance of 200mm apart, which is laid directly on top of a pre poured structural slab. The under floor heating pipe and Pipe Positioning Board are then screeded over with a minimum of 50mm thick concrete screed.


Siccus FX

Uponor Siccus has a lightweight and low height design, the mounting sheet is flexible to use, easy to cut and supplied with pre-cut channels to suit 16mm underfloor heating pipe. Comprised of grooved polystyrene insulation panel with a prefabricated and applied aluminum heat conductive layer, Siccus can be walked on immediately after installation and is a Dry Install solution – meaning no screed is required. Simply lay the Siccus on either existing floors or structural sub floor and run your pipework within. The aluminum layer works as a heat transfer medium ensuring efficient and even heat to the floor above.

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