Hydronic Underfloor Slab Heating

Invest in your comfort levels

A clean, safe, and zero-allergen central heating system, Hunt Hydronic Heating and Cooling systems operate at low water temperatures, reducing operating costs to a minimum.

Underfloor hydronic slab heating transforms into a slow-release radiant heat bank providing uniform temperature throughout your home. Underfloor hydronic radiant heat systems are closely aligned with the 'optimum heat curve' as defined by the heating industry, making it the most economical and efficient means of heating. 

Experience continuous comfort at minimum cost and maximum efficiency. Using the thermal mass of the concrete slab, the heat transfer delivers optimum thermal comfort at much lower temperatures, reducing over-heat losses. Incorporating hydronics, underfloor heating with a high-efficiency condensing boiler reduces running costs with up to 20% savings on gas bills.  

Climate control tailored to your home

Hunt Hydronic Heating and Cooling designs and solutions can be tailored for any Australian home, including existing or new single or multi-storey homes with suspended floor requirements, or secondary pour systems.

With our range of Immergas Partage Boxes, you can combine slab heating and hydronic radiator panels, towel rails or electric panels in separate living zones. Experience your ultimate comfort levels in your downstairs living area with underfloor slab heating, while keeping warm upstairs with hydronic radiators.

Once you've experienced the comfort of Hunt Hydronic Heating, you'll be converted for life.

in floor view of a hydronic heating and cooling system installed in a living area
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