System Design Consultation & Calculations

Our holistic approach to your home heating

To help you make the most of your new hydronic heating system, our team of experts will work with you to establish the correct sizing, optimum layout and wattage requirements for your home. Through a combination of the latest software and the expertise of our Customer Service Team, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll design a bespoke solution that delivers superior comfort.

It All Works Out Beautifully With Smart-Calc

Ensure your new hydronic underfloor heating system comes together seamlessly with our complimentary design service, Smart-Calc. Smart-Calc covers everything from preliminary discussions, conceptual design and computer-generated heat loss calculations, to a final full colour, AutoCAD design – at no extra cost to your project. website3

Our experienced Customer Service Team will follow a six-step process to bring you a perfectly integrated, bespoke system:

    1. Calculating the heat losses and amount of heat required for each room
    2. Determining the water flow temperature and pipe spacing
    3. Determining the manifold location(s)
    4. Calculating the number of circuits required
    5. Planning the pipe layout
    6. Calculating the capacity of the underfloor heating system

Heat Load Radiator Calculator

Take a look at our heat load calculator to get an estimate of the kW requirements for your home to make the process of selecting radiators for your home easy. Choose and enter the appropriate values in the form. Then click ‘CALCULATE REQUIREMENTS’ to view your room’s kW requirements.

A radiator with insufficient output may never raise the temperature to that which is required. The boiler should also be sufficient to supply all connected radiators to the sum of their maximum demand. Larger rooms such as living rooms may require more than one radiator positioned evenly throughout the room. If this is the case, divide the required output between the number of radiators needed.

Please note that this is a guide only, and your dedicated Hunt Heating Customer Service Representative will be available to advise you on your exact requirements.

Heat Load Calculator

Your Calculation Result

This result is shown as a range to compensate for unknown factors such as external temperatures and levels of insulation in your home. We recommend the combined heat output of all the radiators in your room meets the higher end of this result to ensure your room is heated efficiently.

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Bespoke systems for low energy consumption and maximum comfort

Our Customer Service Team can design a system solution that not only suits your lifestyle but is also completely environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Whether you’re looking at installing underfloor heating in conjunction with radiators, or you’d like a combination boiler that takes care of your entire home’s hot water requirements, we can tailor a solution that works for you.

We use only the leading products on the market, including Italian-made Immergas boilers, which are renowned for their power, durability and efficiency. Discover the flexibility of hydronic heating in your home today. Call us on 1300 00 1800 to arrange a consultation with our Customer Service Team, and experience the next level in home heating.