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At Hunt Heating, we make it easy for you to maximise the performance of your heating and hot water system. An Immergas Gaudium Solar Hot Water System from Hunt Heating will assist in reducing your home's carbon footprint while delivering your domestic hot water at a reduced cost.

Solar smart technology with long-lasting benefits

Heating water can be the most significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions in the average Australian household, and can also be one of the most expensive appliances to run. However, a solar hot water system could be one of the most effective ways to reduce both your energy use and power bills for the long-term.

With no shortage of sun, a solar hot water system is particularly well-suited to the Australian climate. And with the opportunity to take advantage of government rebates and incentives, switching to a Hunt solar hot water system could be your best decision yet.

Solar Hot Water schematic

The Hunt Heating advantage

Unlike conventional hot water storage systems that operate with a gas boost, the Hunt Gaudium Solar Plus system uses a hydronic system boiler as a back-up only, giving it a considerable energy saving advantage.

The stored volume of hot water is heated only by the hydronic heating boiler system, so no gas is used in maintaining the cylinder temperature. In the instance that the solar heated water is exhausted, the combination boiler fires up for just the right amount of time to help satisfy any immediate demand for hot water.

Versatile zone control

The integrated solar hot water solution is suitable for external, recessed and internal installations, and is available in a range of cabinet colour options. For greater control and distribution of heat throughout the home, the Gaudium Solar Plus comes with two hydraulic zone groups: a single zone high-temperature hydronic circuit, and a two-zone hydronic circuit, which allows for both high and low temperatures needed for hydronic underfloor heating.

Easy to install, easy to maintain

The Gaudium Solar Plus cabinet can be preordered and installed while you’re building your home, and is supplied with all pipe centres and positioning necessary for complete installation. The unit can also be supplied with all components preassembled and pre-plumbed, ready to connect to the pipework. Once installed, the front opening of the cabinet allows for total system maintenance and easy access to the boiler and solar controller adjustments.

Discover how a solar hot water system from Hunt Heating can save you money and reduce your energy bills. Contact our Customer Service Team today on 1300 00 1800, and experience the energy saving efficiencies of the Hunt Gaudium Solar Plus Range. 

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