Providing Continuous Comfort Nationwide

Homes across Australia choose Hunt Heating for our attentive service, deep expertise, and superior range of premium hydronic solutions. With a nationwide network of accredited hydronic installers, we are able to provide continuous comfort and energy efficient systems to homes in all major cities and regional centres.

Service that expertly complements your home and lifestyle

Our extensive industry experience has provided us with a unique understanding of the climate challenges faced by Australian households, and we specialise in adapting our European designs to better meet Australian conditions.

We offer an extensive range of superior hydronic heating and cooling, LPG, natural gas, electric and biomass wood pellet boilers, solar hot water, electric wall panel radiators and heated towel rail solutions that can suit both the modern and traditional home.

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Energy efficient solutions without compromise

Hydronic heating uses natural convection and radiation to heat your home in both silence and comfort, minus the dust and allergens that come with central heating. Used for generations in Europe, hydronic heating is both luxurious and energy efficient, which means you and your family won’t have to compromise on comfort.

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Enjoy modern-day luxury everyday

We offer an unmatched range of premium international brands, all of which are backed by customer support and manufacturers’ warranties. Hunt Heating is proud to be the supplier of respected Italian brands Immergas, DeLonghi and Antrax – brands that are renowned for their reliability, innovative design and energy-efficient solutions. With a Hunt Heating system, you can enjoy modern-day luxuries every day.

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