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Inject a touch of style and a lot of luxury into your home with our collection of premium designer European brands.
We’re dedicated to bringing you the best in designer hydronic heating and cooling products. From minimalist elegance to bold contemporary statements, our suite of stylish brands will add warmth and finish to your home without compromising on quality and functionality.

Experience continuous comfort in style

At Hunt Heating, we pride ourselves on our exclusive range of luxurious European designer brands that deliver premium quality and outstanding functionality like no other.

Whether you are after a touch of authenticity with a modern twist, or a bold statement with contemporary personality, our collection of brands delivers continuous comfort in style.

We offer a broad selection of premium and designer European radiators, electrical wall panel heaters, LPG, natural gas and biomass wood pellet boilers, as well as towel rails and solar hot water solutions direct to Australian homes.

We specialise in bringing you the superior quality, style, and passion of our exclusive iconic Italian brands – DeLonghi radiators, Immergas boilers, Antrax IT designer radiators and towel rails, and much more.

our brands

Premium quality driven by continuous innovation

Our exclusive product development agreement and partnership with Italy’s number one designer and manufacturer of domestic gas boilers – Immergas – enables us to offer an unrivalled two-year parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty. Register your Immergas Boiler Warranty today.

Currently serving over 4 million homes worldwide, Immergas deliver exquisite products all with one common denominator; innovation for continuous improvement that strives for reliability, durability, efficiency, and technology.

We are proud to offer a 25-year manufacturers warranty on our DeLonghi radiator panels, 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on DeLonghi hydronic towel rails, and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on our range of DeLonghi electric towel rails.

Contact us now to integrate the best in European designer hydronic heating and cooling products into your home.

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