Our Commitment to Quality

The accredited installers within our nationwide network are trained and supported by Hunt Heating staff to maintain the high-quality after sales service you expect.

We choose to only use products that reflect our commitment to sustainability, including Immergas boilers, DeLonghi and ANTRAX IT radiators, and environmentally friendly wood pellet biomass boilers, all backed by extensive manufacturers’ warranties.

We have a thorough understanding of the unique climate challenges local to Sydney and New South Wales, and we specialise in modifying our European products and systems to suit the unique conditions of your home or building.

Iguana Aplano

Why Hydronic Heating & Cooling?

A silent way to heat and cool the home, hydronic heating and cooling works by natural convection and radiation through pipes, so it’s less obtrusive and far more cost effective than conventional ducted systems. Powered by energy-efficient boilers, hydronic systems are gentle on the environment and can help to reduce your household energy bills. Flexible room-by-room control also allows you to select which rooms to heat and cool, therefore reducing your energy output.

And with a range of designs and configurations available, hydronic systems can be customised to suit any style of room or home.


Explore Our Designer Range

Discover Hunt Heating’s range of contemporary and energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, from high-performance Italian-designed radiators, to Immergas and MCZ boilers and hydronic towel rails. Every product we select is backed by unrivalled support and extensive manufacturers’ warranties.

Available in a wide selection of formats, sizes and colours, let our expert staff help you find the perfect solution to complement your home.

delonghi iconic electric towel rail mounted in a white bathroom with a gray towel

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Talk to the experts in domestic and commercial hydronic heating and cooling in Sydney – Hunt Heating. Discover more about our exclusive range of European brands, and ask us how you can integrate a cleaner and greener system in your home or business. Call us today on 1300 00 1800 or fill out our enquiry form to discuss your project with our friendly team of hydronic experts.