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Hunt Heating's hydronic radiators are renowned for their ability to produce a gentle and radiant heat that evenly warms the room.
Whether you choose a steel panel, tubular, cast iron, designer or classic column radiator, you'll be choosing a radiator that boasts superb design and superior performance.

Radiators are no longer merely functional items.

They play a leading role in our living environment with creations to install in contemporary settings that highlight their formal significance. Radiant surfaces impose their own extraordinary personalities and express concepts linked with the strategic use of shapes reminiscent of the natural world.

Our fine hydronic design range is a timeless collection that combines natural shapes that are skillfully matched and modulated to give life to your home.

floor mounted jaga iguana circo hydronic radiator in a brightly lit room with brightly coloured furniture

Create an architectural feature with a steel tubular design

Contemporary and elegant, Hunt Heating's steel tubular radiators have been manufactured with meticulous attention to detail to create a smooth finish without any traces of weld joints.

Thermostatic radiator valves give you greater temperature control and the added ability to turn on or off individual radiators as required. These stunning architectural-inspired radiators are available in both standard and special finishes.

gray ovali tubular radiator mounted on a blue wall below two artworks

Evoke timeless charm with a cast iron radiator

Rustic and textured, cast iron radiators are well-suited to period homes and for those with a keen eye for detail. While classic in style, they are manufactured to the highest standards of energy efficiency and are well-regarded for their ability to retain and spread heat for long periods of time.

Like all of Hunt Heating's panel radiators, our range of cast iron products come with a thermostatic radiator valve that lets you set individual radiators to your ideal temperature and turn individual radiators off as required. Supplied in a white undercoat and treated to resist atmospheric agents, you can customise your cast iron radiator to perfectly complement your interior colour scheme.

off white embossed cast iron radiator with carved pattern against a gray wall

Energy efficient radiators

Our range of energy efficient radiators feature clean, slim lines, making them perfect for any room in your house. Featuring the same high level of Italian style and quality you can expect from a Hunt Heating product.


Classic column radiators

Suitable for both modern and traditional interiors, classic column radiators are popular for their elegant, slimline look and high-performance capabilities.

off white classic column radiator mounted in a white room with a hardwood floor

Discover the luxury of warm towels all year round

Our range of dual fuel hydronic and electric towel rails offer flexibility during the summer months when the main heating system is turned off. Adapting your towel rail to dual fuel is easy to achieve via the installation of an electric element alongside the standard water feed pipe. With a dual application towel rail from Hunt Heating, you can enjoy warm towels all year round.

white horizontal radiator mounted on a gray bathroom wall with towel rail

Statement pieces to complement any space

Make a statement in your home with our designer range of panel radiators and heated towel rails that are as stylish as they are functional.

We are committed to bringing you the best in European design so you can enjoy the ultimate in style and quality.

black and grey metacrylic statement radiator mounted on a wall in a white room
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