Why you should choose hydronic heating for your home

Reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy completely luxurious heating when you choose a hydronic heating system from Hunt Heating. Not only is hydronic heating completely silent, flexible and comfortable, but it is also estimated to be up to 35% more cost effective than running a central ducted heating system when using a gas condensing boilers or Air-to-water heat pumps.

Hunt Heating is proud to provide a wide range of specialist energy-efficient heat sources and products with extremely low emissions and constant temperature monitoring capabilities.

Health benefits

A healthier solution for heating your home

Ducted central heating systems can be breeding grounds for dust mites, allergens, and bacteria that circulate in the air your family breathes at home. Hydronic heating harnesses natural heat convection through pipes which eliminates any potential for harmful bacteria to circulate around. That's why hydronic heating is an asthma and allergy-friendly way to heat your home.

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Comfort and style

Heating for any home decor

No matter which room you're heating, there’s a Hunt Heating solution to complement your home's unique style. Our premium range of heating products comes in bold and luxurious colours, shapes, and styles. This range includes our radiator panels, heated towel rails, and underfloor heating systems that are renown for their innovation and quality workmanship.

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Maintenance and warranty

Low maintenance

Maintenance is seldom required with a hydronic heating system. Pairing high-quality European manufacturing with a long-term boiler warranty of up to five years ensures your hydronic system will outlast any central or gas ducted system. So choose your heating system today and enjoy the benefits of hydronic heating and comfort for years to come.

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