Hydronic Heating & Cooling

Committed to making your home comfortable all year round

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a hydronic cooling and heating system from Hunt Heating. Versatile, discreet and near silent, our hydronic systems are the most efficient and effective way to enjoy a cool and comfortable home in the warmer months, while conveniently enjoying the hydronic heating you know and love come winter time.

European design tailored to the Australian climate

Super slim and powerful heating and cooling, the Jaga Briza and Brise are hydronic climate units with a dual personality that work fantastically with an Immergas air-to-water heat pump. Emitting comfortable heating in winter and refreshing cooling in summer, this is the most dynamic, slimmest and quietest hybrid system in the world. With Low H2O technology, this is a hydronic heating and cooling system in a class of its own.

white jaga briza hybrid climate unit mounted on a gray wall next to a hardwood feature

Flexible temperature control

Hydronic heating and cooling is the sustainable way to control the temperature in your home. Flexible room-by-room control not only lets you set ideal temperatures for individual rooms but also lowers your running costs as you only heat or cool the areas that you're using. 

Hunt Heating is committed to raising awareness of cleaner, greener heating and cooling systems, and we are proud to be the supplier of a wide range of energy-efficient products that have extremely low emissions and constant temperature monitoring capabilities to ensure your system is operating at its highest possible efficiency.

hardwood tench heating unit displayed next to a hardwood wall

Enjoy a comfortable home all year round

Based in Melbourne, Hunt Heating has been designing custom home heating and cooling systems since 1982.

With a nationwide network of accredited and experienced installers, we’re able to deliver cleaner, greener heating and cooling solutions across Australia. To learn more about our premium range of European and designer brands, call us today on 1300 00 18 00, or visit our Melbourne showroom, located at 11 Fiveways Blvd, Keysborough.  

With a hydronic heating and cooling system, you can have the best of both worlds. Choose a hydronic system from Hunt Heating, and enjoy a comfortable home all year round. 

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