Can a Hydronic System Also Provide Cooling?

4 September 2017
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While hydronic systems tend to be associated with heating, it’s an often-overlooked fact that hydronic technology can also provide extremely comfortable and efficient cooling.

Just as water is effective at conducting heat, so too can it effectively convey cooling. In fact, water can absorb more than 3000 times the amount of heat energy than the same volume of air.

A hydronic cooling system’s water temperature only needs to be a few degrees below the desired indoor temperature, making it very efficient to run and far more preferable than conventional systems that use a lot of energy and produce uneven temperatures.

Like hydronic heating systems, it’s easy to install zone control for your hydronic cooling system, allowing you to set different temperatures throughout the home, and only cool the rooms you’re using.

At Hunt Heating, one of our most popular hydronic cooling systems is a trench system that provides powerful heating, cooling and ventilation all in one unit.

The Jaga Clima Canal is a low H20 heat exchanger with a thermal activator, which means it can deliver record output in very compact dimensions, making it an ideal solution for rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows or limited wall space.

Another option for hydronic cooling is an underfloor system that can be used to heat as well. This works by circulating cooled water through the underfloor pipes, which then absorbs the heat from the rooms. Because there are no fans or vents, the result is an even distribution of temperature, and no drafts.

Even though hydronic systems have built a reputation for delivering superior heating, you now know that they can deliver an efficient and effective form of cooling as well. As always, ensure you consult with a licensed professional before selecting and installing your new hydronic heating and cooling system.

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