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A Heated Towel Rack the Entire Family Will Love

If you've ever thought about installing heated towel rails in your bathroom, then Hunt Heating can help. With dozens of choices for a heated towel rail or towel warmer, each one as stylish and modern in design as it is functional and effective, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Through the use of hydronic heating as its source of energy, a heated towel rack and heated towel rail also provides a way to keep your towel warmer and cleaner for longer: by drying the towel faster, your heated towel rack will eliminate bacteria and germs that linger in wet, damp towels.

Find our entire range of heated towel rails online and discover the perfect one for your bathroom.

Choose From Our Innovative Designs Today and Find A Towel Warmer For Every Bathroom

With various designs, materials, styles and colours, we're confident that you'll find a heated towel rail that perfectly matches the existing décor in your bathroom. More than just heated towel rails we also offer the DeLonghi heater and other bathroom heating solutions. Browse Hunt Heating and find the perfect system for your home today.